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Association service introduction

The Taiwan (R.O.C.) Immigration Consultants Association is the only immigration consultants association made up of legitimate immigration consultant entities that have obtained the immigration services inception registration, under the Ministry of the Interior’s supervision.

The association, since its inception, has been upholding its founding mission to actively promote association affairs with due diligence in servicing its members, and accepts the governmental agencies’ commissions to underwrite various immigration-related services, host immigration exhibitions among other core activities, release publications, offering the consumers with legitimate members dossier and accurate immigration information, striving to provide a communication, coordination, contact and supervision venue for its members, the consumers and the local and foreign governmental agencies.

The association is of a harmonious, service-oriented, constructive, and comprehensive organization, and besides the general association affairs promotion board, the association also operates:

Various continents immigration affairs committee: Comprising the United States, Canada, Oceania, Central/Southern American and Asia/Europe/Africa affairs committees, devoting to assist the members to grasp various immigration countries’ latest, most accurate information, by which to offer high quality service to the client.

Mainland affairs committee: Assisting the members to extend their reach, and expand the overseas immigration market.

Exchange committee: Promoting members friendship and exchange, voluntary discipline and guideline to joint create an expansive venture.

Illegal operators crackdown committee: Stepping up cracking down and correcting the illegal operators to safety the legitimate operators’ equity.

Law/regulation promotional committee: Precisely grasping the legal and regulatory change for updating the information, and acting as a bridge in communication between the operators and the government.

  Consumer protection committee: Devoting to mitigating misunderstanding and dispute between the consumers and the members.

Immigrating to Taiwan and visa affairs committee: facilitating the business promotion of dependent residency for immigrating to Taiwan, investment immigration, naturalization and the like.


The association members are legitimate professional immigration consulting companies holding the Ministry of the Interior Immigration Administration’s special concession approval, assisting the client to file for immigration to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Malaysia, European countries, and foreign nationals investing in Taiwan, residency among other emigration and immigration affairs, and many company also offer overseas study and shot-term overseas study service, catering for planning your immigration and overseas study career.  For which, the association would like to reminder members of the general public that when filing for immigration formalities, it is prudent to choose a legitimate immigration consulting company to better safeguard your equity and derive satisfactory services.


The association routinely stages immigration forums, exhibition and related activities, in anticipation to provide the consumers with the latest immigration information through face-to-face communication. You may inquire, via the association Website, for various event information, introduction to major immigration countries, terms and conditions for various types of immigration applications, among other critical information, or you may link up to a member company’s Website directly, which will help you gather more immigration information, and accompany you with a smooth immigration and overseas study process.



The association’s missions

1.  To assist the government promoting pertinent immigration, economic and trade, cultural and diplomatic-related laws and regulations.

2.  To accept local/foreign governmental agencies, organizations’ commissions in underwriting immigration and non-immigration-related undertakings.

3.  To assist the local and foreign governments with pertinent immigration enterprises’ contact, investigation, research & development and recommendation matters.

4.  To maintain contact with local and foreign overseas Chinese communities for excelling the friendship ties, bridging immigration and non-immigration business development.

5.  To preside the members’ business shortcoming correction and dispute mitigation, and to eliminate negative competition.

6.  To maintain the members’ legal equity and to assist resolving pertinent difficult problems.

7.  To publish scheduled and unscheduled periodical publications, stage exhibitions, aiming to offer the correct information on immigration countries.

8.  To host the industry workers’ orientation and on-the-job training.

9.  To host recreational, cultural/artistic events for member employees.

10. To formulate, execute and monitor pertinent billing standards and advertisement matters governing the members underwriting the immigration services.

11.   To investigate and penalize members involving in illegal operation.

12.   To assist and investigation and support cracking down local illegal operators running the immigration services.

13.   To stage the members’ public welfare enterprise and host the commendations on outstanding industry workers.

14.   To accept the members and pertinent entities’ commissions on immigration service matters.

15.   To establish the files of members and member representative’s basic information, conduct interactive investigation and registration matters.